Caregivers Can Save Lives and Ensure Safety with the Emergency Locator App

As caregivers, we pride ourselves on making Cleveland Clinic a safe and reliable healthcare organization. But if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation or see another patient or caregiver in need of help, do you know who to contact? Cleveland Clinic’s new mobile application, Emergency Locator takes away the guesswork, empowering caregivers to respond faster to emergencies and better protect the safety of our patients and caregivers.

Emergency Locator is now available for download in the Secure Hub App Store on all Cleveland Clinic-issued iPhones. Developed by Cleveland Clinic ITD’s Digital Domain team in conjunction with Protective Services, the app allows caregivers to call for help at any time with the tap of a button. Based on the user’s GPS location and selection, the app dials the appropriate hotline for code response, police emergency and non- emergency calls, and safety escort services. For example, tapping the Code Blue button will pull the location-appropriate hotline for events where an adult isn’t breathing, has no pulse or is unresponsive; tapping the Crisis Intervention Team button will pull the location-appropriate hotline for psychiatric emergencies, traumas, or victims of crime and violence.

With Emergency Locator, caregivers who witness an emergency event now have the power to instantly connect with first responders, reducing precious time spent researching or being transferred to the correct contact.

Caregivers with enterprise-issued iPhones can now download the app from Secure Hub at any time. View download instructions here. Once the installation is complete, caregivers may immediately begin using it to call emergency phone numbers with a single tap. (Tapping a button displays the appropriate phone number, which must be confirmed with another tap before the call is made.) Additional buttons for other hotlines are continually being added and will be available through Secure Hub through app updates—stay tuned for future version releases.

While Emergency Locator is currently only available to caregivers with enterprise-issued iPhones, plans are in place to make the app publicly available across iOS and Android platforms.

For assistance using the app, users can view this quick reference guide . For further assistance, please contact the Help Desk for your location, numbers listed below.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 216.444.HELP. Florida caregivers, call 5-5555, option 1. Akron caregivers, call 330.344.6604.

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